Shockwave therapy is used to treat erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease to optimize sexual performance. Dr. Ciancio, a board certified urologist, uses the gold standard of shockwave machines, the enPulse Pro by Zimmer. 

enPulse Pro is an effective option because it addresses the root cause of erectile dysfunction which is poor blood flow.  Treatment is all-natural, non-invasive and yields long-term patient results.








What is shockwave therapy?

How does it work? 

As men age, they develop thinner blood vessels with decreased blood flow,

weaker erections and decreased sensitivity.

Through the use of of the enPulse Pro, shockwave therapy is administered with a wand-like device that emits gentle pulses. No anesthesia is needed. 

The wave therapy triggers tissue remodeling leading to increased blood flow

to the penis.  These changes can lead to better performance and a vastly improved sex life!